Hippo Monkey MC

from by Bladel

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Verse 1

If your a Fan of the Crooked Jaw, War Stance, Lookin Staunch!
Raps sound like, Out Back at a Butchers Store...
King, not a Rook or Pawn, Fat Rings, Hoody, Jordans...
...sorry not the man that your looking for.

I Understand what Hip Hop, was put here for,
to correct an inbalance, I'm like the mega storm,
day after tommorow, gettin hella warm,
Master of dark Ceremonies, when i perform,

Door charge? [your] car keys, first and second born,
make a circle, fart tweece, release the leprechauns,
animal sacrifice, shout a request to Thor,
grab his hammer, smite the bouncer just to let you all,

In here, fuck the year you were born in were all,
in this together poor, rich, sit let us talk,
hand me down wars, distort the pecking order,
humans losing our way, over petty borders...

Verse 2

I'm Big Dope and Funky, The Hippo Monkey, MC
kickin flows, comfy up my bent tree...
kids don't know "Three Quotes" of Run
D M C P E P M D B D P A C M B I G O D B O D E A R O My O Me.

It's Time to show these cats some, Real Rap Shit...
come on Step, my adidas are steel capped kid,
one time for your mind, i'm a peel back your wig,
ditch the lipstick, reveal that PIG...


from Max Bladel Mixtape 2009, released February 25, 2011


tags: hip hop Hobart



Bladel Hobart, Australia

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